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Looking for a new sexual wellness device? Discover Satisfyer Deluxe Cap. You'll love it! Shop now.

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5 interchangeable attachments for the Deluxe Air-Pulse Stimulator. With long-term use of your...more
Product information "Deluxe - Caps"

5 interchangeable attachments for the Deluxe Air-Pulse Stimulator. With long-term use of your favorite toys, the interchangeable head provides an occasional, hygienic change-up.


Body-friendly silicone Easy to clean
15 year warranty 


Why do I need new attachments for my Satisfyer Deluxe?

These caps have been specially created for your Satisfyer Deluxe and can be easily exchanged and replaced. If you misplaced the original cap during cleaning or just want to have a few new caps in stock, these interchangeable caps are perfect for you. The attachments are made of soft, silky-smooth silicone. The set includes 5 interchangeable Satisfyer Deluxe attachments, which you can bring with you on your travels. The small attachments are especially practical and disappear easily and hygienically in your toiletry bag. So you never have to miss out on endless fun with your Satisfyer Deluxe again - no matter where you are.

How do I change the attachments on my Satisfyer Deluxe?

The attachments can be exchanged in no time at all. Pull the cap carefully until it comes off your Satisfyer Deluxe. Afterwards you can clean the head without an attachment. We recommend using a sexual wellness device cleaner such as Satisfyer Disinfectant Spray. Afterwards just press the attachment on to your Satisfyer Deluxe. When replacing the attachment, make sure it is placed back in the correct direction - with the wide end facing down. Now your Satisfyer Deluxe is ready to go again!



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Properties "Deluxe - Caps"
Material: Silicone
Color: White
Suitable for: Women
Weight: 1.25 g
Breadth: Φ 26,34
Height: 10 mm