Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

Looking for a new sexual wellness device? Discover Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Warming Vibrator to unlock endless pleasure!

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The Men Heat Vibration combines an exciting heating function with arousing, deep vibrations for... more
Product information "Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration"

The Men Heat Vibration combines an exciting heating function with arousing, deep vibrations for maximum stimulation of the penis tip and a truly authentic pleasure experience. Perfect for edging your arousal, and heated foreplay.

Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Vibration-Heat-2in1 The sensual warming function combined with vibrations provide an intense stimulation experience 
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Silicone Made from super-soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone that's smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Waterproof Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, this toy can be used safely in water and is easy to clean


15 year warranty Sensual glans stimulation through vibration and heat
Innovative warming function Whisper mode
Waterproof to rating IPX7 Body-friendly silicone
Easy to clean Lithium ion battery
Including USB magnetic charging cable  11 vibration programs


The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration: Tingly hot experiences for men!

Are you looking for some hot hours of lust - without complications? The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration fulfils your wishes, when and where you want! This vibrating masturbator for the modern man is equipped with an innovative heat feature and makes your time alone a breathtakingly realistic experience. Enjoy the cosy warmth of this soft love tunnel and be driven to explosive climaxes at up to 40 degrees. The interaction of the exciting heating feature and the arousing, powerful vibrations provides exciting stimulation for your glans.

The Men Heat Vibration combines a masculine design with simple, intuitive operation - using the on/off and +/- buttons you can control it comfortably with one hand, even when things get a little wild. Thanks to its wide opening, you can use the masturbator even when your penis is not erect and warm yourself up from 0 to 100 in no time at all.
  Lose yourself in your fantasies and be carried to the peak of pleasure with 11 different vibration levels.

What else can the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration do?

The Men Heat Vibration is waterproof (IPX7) and can give you that warm ecstasy you want even in the shower or bathtub. After use, the material made of delicate silicone and ABS plastic can be cleaned easily with lukewarm water and soap or a disinfecting sexual wellness device cleaner. The integrated batteries can be recharged using the enclosed magnetic USB charging cable. Sexual wellness for men has never been so easy - try it now and get the hot pleasure you deserve! 



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Properties "Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration"
Color: Black
Weight: 193 g
Breadth: 78 mm
Height: 140 mm
Suitable for: Men
Length: 82,6 mm
With vibration: Yes
Stimulation: Penis
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Battery
Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
Reviews 49
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26 Nov 2021


To use it you need some lube and it is very noisy when you stroke your dick, in addiction it is very short and too large for small penises. I had great expectations for it, but the hand it is still better.

Admin 29 Nov 2021

We regret that the delivered goods do not meet your expectations. The cleaning of an article and the use of lubricants are highly recommended. Each of our toys have a different design. Each individual model also has a different size. Meaning each Satisyfer can cause a different stimulation and can trigger various sensations. We hope that you will find a product better suited to you with your next order!

25 Jul 2020

Price-wise it’s not too expensive and it’s a great sensation

23 Jul 2020

The heating function has its own appeal, really good

22 Jun 2020

not as robust or high quality as the similar SATISFYER MEN VIBRATION

In contrast to the SATISFYER MEN VIBRATION this encloses the glans in a vacuum. This has several exciting advantages:
- You can really feel the vibrations on the glans.
- Thanks to the fixed position you can let go of the toy and use both hands to stimulate yourself in other ways.
- After you climax, the ejaculate stays in the toy (almost like in a condom) ;-)

19 Jun 2020

Feels absolutely hot

5 Jun 2020

Feels absolutely hot

20 May 2020

It’s really good

The toy is a bit short.

13 May 2020

Thanks to the different programs, you can really spice up an evening :)

27 Apr 2020

Arrived yesterday. We tried it out immediately. Outstanding thing

Penis in and off it goes. It was a really great feeling. My husband especially liked it that there is a setting where the vibration stops and starts again briefly. His penis got completely hard with it. And I could see how much my husband enjoyed it. So we definitely highly recommend it. We still haven’t tried it out with the warming. We will today;).

14 Apr 2020

Little naughty companion for now and then

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