Satisfyer Prêt-à-porter Luxury Air Pulse Vibrator enhances your sex life and is the perfect self-care treat! Shop now.

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This luxury gem is designed with precious detail in mind. Featuring materials such as white... more
Product information "Prêt-à-porter"

This luxury gem is designed with precious detail in mind. Featuring materials such as white leather, rose-gold accents, and soft medical grade silicone, this toy offers a refined touch for your cultivated taste and clitoral satisfaction.

Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Metal Made from high-quality brushed aluminum
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Air-Pulse-Vibration-2in1 Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris using pressure waves and vibrations
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Rhythms 11 pressure wave intensities and 10 vibration programmes offer variety for ultimate pleasure


15 year warranty Clitoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration
2 separately controllable motors Whisper mode
Waterproof to rating IPX7 Body-friendly silicone
Easy to clean Lithium ion battery
Including USB magnetic charging cable


The Satisfyer Prêt-à-porter: Luxurious design with breathtaking pressure wave stimulation

The Satisfyer Prêt-à-porter impresses with its glamorous and elegant design. Equipped with a body made of silky-matt silicone, an upper part made of textured real leather and noble, rose gold-colored metal details, it’s not optically attractive – due to its ergonomic shape and the sensual haptics it nestles perfectly into your hand, delighting your clitoris with breathtaking Satisfyer pressure wave stimulation.

The Satisfyer Prêt-à-porter also has additional benefits

The elegant gem from our Luxury Collection not only has excellent workmanship but also has versatile skills. The application head made of extra soft liquid silicone nestles up against your pleasure pearl, spoiling it with different pressure wave and vibration programs. With the two separately controllable motors of the Prêt-à-porter you can choose your personal favorite from a total of 11 different pressure wave intensities and 10 vibration programs. That means there are numerous possible combinations that give you luscious climaxes for the ultimate pleasure.
The Prêt-à-porter is waterproof (IPX7) so it can provide you with overwhelming pleasure even in the shower or bathtub – but due to its high-quality materials your device shouldn’t stay under water for too long. Get this elegant pressure wave vibrator from our Luxury Collection and enjoy the finest materials combined with breathtaking stimulation!


 Due to the Air Pulse Chamber this product might not be suitable for clitorises that become enlarged due to hormonal treatments - our Multitoys and Finger Vibrators offer the most diverse range of use cases and might be interesting for you to check out.

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Properties "Prêt-à-porter"
Color: Rose gold, White
Breadth: 53 mm
Weight: 144 g
Suitable for: Women
With pressure waves: Yes
Length: 192.2 mm
Height: 40.3 mm
With vibration: Yes
Stimulation: Clitoral
Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
Battery: Battery
Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
Reviews 29
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11 Jul 2023

More femanine than the other more utilitarian Satisfyers

So I was one of the crowd that bought the first Satisfyer Pro2... then the Next Gen as the upgrades to a staggeringly good original toy warranted the investment (original became a bath toy). The Next Gen was just amazing. In a phrase, 'unlimited quick killer orgasms on tap', but it was so unsexy and not something to put next to the No5, jewelry, satin sheets or other nice things I have in my bedroom. Frankly it was rough. Mine lived in the dark recesses of my bedside draw in a drawstring bag only making brief though frequent appearances outside when I wanted to... you know. It even got charged in the draw! So the Pret was a dream answered. It looks and feels lovely and opulant so can live above ground on my bedside table. It is more practical in terms of shape, control settings and handle angle under the duvet than the Pro2. It also comes with added vibration to blend in with the air pulsing. Having the vibration on pulsing and the air pulsating at level 4 sends my clit mental in a way even the Pro2 couldnt. My husband says the air pulse only toys are 2D standard definitionbut this one gived 3D 4K stimulation and yes , though the terms are for TVs not sextoys it does get the point across. So all in I love the Pret. I know there are Satisfyers with remote control facilities and that the new S Pro2 G3 has a covered cap for a different type of stimulation but I wont be gettingbthem. I will hold out for the next Pret with the luxury and new features before pensioning off the current love of my life ( or at least the solo sex part of it).

12 Jul 2020

Recommendation from my ladies tennis group

Thanks girls!

6 Jul 2020

Gave it to my girlfriend as a gift

She has never been so thrilled by a gift… ;-)

22 May 2020

Got it as a gift from my best girlfriend

You can’t compare the feeling with anything.

12 May 2020

Very high-end design and absolutely high-quality

I like it very much.

5 May 2020

Feels very comfortable and is also really quiet

19 Mar 2020

Just wonderful

19 Feb 2020

Fully 5 hearts for you!

1 Jan 2020

I think this is better than my Womanizer and it was much cheaper!

25 Dec 2019

Fast delivery and very nice packaging

It feels perfect in your hand and is easy to operate. The price is also right for such a high-quality product!

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