Satisfyer Devices

What is the Satisfyer Air Pulse Technology?

The Satisfyer Air Pulse Technology is a revolutionary touch-free stimulation system which works by surrounding the clitoral area within a silicone tip and gently adding pressure waves. 

Our story began with the Satisfyer Pro 2  a revolutionary product which remains an international bestseller. Millions of women worldwide swear by our Air Pulse stimulators and vibrators! Our patented Air Pulse Technology stimulates the clitoris with touch-free, pulsating pressure waves. All of our Air Pulse products come with a soft silicone head that fits around the clitoris. Our technology is patented in many countries worldwide!

What is the difference between the Satisfyer Air Pulse models?

Each of our Air Pulse products has a different design. Each individual model also has a different size and a unique shape. In addition, due to the different shapes and designs of the various Satisfyer products, the silicone heads also come in different sizes what leads to different feelings. Discover our Air Pulse stimulators here: https://www.satisfyer.com/produkte/airpulse-technologie

Pro 2 Pro 2+ Traveler Pro + G Spot Curvy 1+ Prêt à porter
✓ International bestseller
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration
✓ Body- friendly silicone
✓ Perfect for travelling
✓ Pressure wave and touch✓free clitoral stimulation
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves
✓ G-spot stimulation through vibration
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Satisfyer Connect enabled
✓ Touch-free litoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Pure luxury: Real leather & metal
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Extra soft liquid silicone head

How do I use a Satisfyer with Air Pulse Technology?

The Satisfyer devices with proprietary Air Pulse Technology stimulate the clitoris with touch-free pressure waves. While using your Satisfyer its silicone head should fit precisely around the clitoris - that way the motor stays whisper quiet.

The tips of all of our Air Pulse stimulators are made of hygienic and Body-friendly silicone. Once the tip is placed correctly, the motor of your Satisfyer device stays whisper quiet. While using your Satisfyer you can effortlessly switch between intensity levels via the intuitive buttons or Satisfyer Connect App (only for App-enabled devices). 

My Satisfyer device doesn't work, what can I do?

Please first make sure the device is fully charged. If your Satisfyer device is faulty, please contact our customer service (service@satisfyer.com) and we will refund the product with proof of purchase.

First, confirm the device is faulty: Before using your Satisfyer for the first time, the device should be fully charged - the first charging process can take up to 3.5 hours. In very rare cases, the device might be faulty, which is why we offer a fifteen-year-guarantee on all our Satisfyer devices. Our customer service (contact: service@satisfyer.com) will refund the product with proof of purchase.

What other products are there for clitoral stimulation? 

In addition to our Air Pulse enabled devices, we also offer many products that utilize vibration (or both vibration and Air Pulse) as a means of clitoral stimulation. Discover our products here: https://www.satisfyer.com/produkte/klitorisvibratoren

Pro 2 Pro 2+ Purple Pleasure Sweet Treat Lovely Honey Secret Affair
✓ International bestseller
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Clitoral stimulation through powerful vibrations
✓ 15 vibration settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Clitoral stimulation through rotating lamellae
✓ 11 intensive rotation settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Clitoral stimulation through powerful vibrations
✓ 15 vibration settings
✓ Includes hygenic cap
✓ Body-friendly silicone

✓ Clitoral stimulation through powerful vibrations
✓ 15 vibration settings
✓ Innovative touch control function
✓ Includes hygenic cap
✓ Body-friendly silicon


What kinds of products do you offer for G-spot stimulation?

The G-spot is no myth. Explore our G-spot vibrators and rabbits now and prepare to be blown away: https://www.satisfyer.com/produkte/vibratoren

Yummy Sunshine Master Mr. Rabbit Pro + G-Spot Mono Flex
✓ Intensive G-spot stimulation
✓ Powerful motor
✓ Silicone Flex Technology
✓ Intensive G-spot stimulation
✓ Impressive 9"  size
✓ Powerful motor
✓ Silicone Flex Technology
✓ Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Silicone Flex Technology
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves
✓ G-spot stimulation through vibration
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Satisfyer Connect enabled
✓ Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone


Which products do you offer for the stimulation of the penis?

At Satisfyer, we believe that sexual wellness should be accessible for everyone - which is why we offer a broad range of products for penile stimulation: https://www.satisfyer.com/fuer-maenner

Men One Men Classic Men Wand Men Vibration Men Heat Vibration Mighty One
✓ Stimulation of the entire penis
✓ Sleeve made of super✓soft cyberskin material
✓ Variety of exchangable sleeves available
✓ Stimulation of the entire penis
✓ Sleeve made of super-soft cyberskin material
✓ Glans, shaft, and testicle stimulation
✓ 50 vibration combinations
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Sensual glans stimulation
✓ 14 vibration settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Sensual glans stimulation through vibration and heat
✓ 14 vibration settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone

✓ Satisfyer Connect enabled
✓ Better stamina due to arousing blood stasis effect
✓ Fun for singles and partners
✓ Body-friendly silicon


What kinds of couples vibrators do you offer? 

Our diverse range of couples products offers the ideal products for every couple! Check out the Multifun series as well as our Double devices: https://www.satisfyer.com/fuer-paare

Double Plus Pro 4 Couples Double Joy Endless Joy Endless Fun
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ 10 vibration settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Touch-free clitoral stimulation through pressure waves
✓ Penis and G-spot stimulation through vibration
✓ 11 pressure wave settings
✓ 10 vibration settings
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ Satisfyer Connect enabled
✓ 2 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ 14+ possible applications
✓ 3 high-powered motors
✓ Body-friendly silicone
✓ 33+ possible applications
✓ 3 high-powered motors
✓ 180-degree rotatable head
✓ Body-friendly silicone


What are the standard materials used for Satisfyer products?

'All of our products are made of high-quality, body-safe materials like Body-friendly silicone, Cyberskin (TPE) and ABS plastic. The tips of all of our Satisfyer Air Pulse devices are made of Body-friendly silicone. The exchangable sleeves for our masturbators are made of skin-like TPE. For our luxury range we are using exquisite materials like genuine leather and metal or brushed aluminium. 

Is my Satisfyer waterproof (IPX7)? Can I bathe with it?

All of our Satisfyer devices are waterproof with an IPX7 rating, excluding the Number One and Number Two. Satisfyer devices can be submerged up to 1 meter under water, for up to 30 minutes - so you can bathe and shower with it. Its waterproof (IPX7) finish also makes it easy to clean with warm water.

How loud are the products?

Once our Satisfyer devices are correctly placed, the motor stays whisper quiet. 

The whisper-mode technology enables the product to have a soft buzz emitted by the engine, rather than a rattling roar. Unfortunately, noise development cannot be completely avoided with motor-operated articles. For our devices with Air Pulse Technology, correct positioning decreases volume greatly.

Lubricants – which one to use?

For use with our Satisfyer devices, we recommend using a water-based lubricant. The lubricants from Satisfyer are available in many variants (cooling, warming, gentle) and are ideally matched to our devices.

Lubricant is mainly differentiated between "water-based" and "silicone-based". Water-based lubricants are easy to use and are suitable for application with condoms, however these lubricants evaporate over time. Silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with some silicone-based products, like our Satisfyer devices, and leave stains if spilled. In this case we recommend using water-based lubricant with Satisfyer products. You can buy specially designed lubricants for our Satisfyer products here.

Can I use condoms while having fun with Satisfyer products ?

When using condoms, please follow the condom manufacturer's instructions.

Where do I find the manual for my Satisfyer?

The manuals for your device can be found in the packaging of your Satisfyer. If you've lost your manual, it is available as a download under the following link: https://www.satisfyer.com/manuals

How long does my Satisfyer take for charging? 

The approximate charging time differs between the various models and can take anywhere from 2 to 3.5 hours. The exact charging time can be found in the product specific manual.

What should I do when my Satisfyer does not charge?

Clean the metal contacts on your Satisfyer device with a lint-free cloth and, if necessary, some disinfecting spray, and try again. If the device still does not work, please get in touch with our customer service (service@satisfyer.com).

Problems with charging your Satisfyer can indicate a contamination of the magnetic surface. Please clean the metal contacts with a lint✓free cloth and try again. The LED will blink while the product is being charged, once the product is charged it will stay lit. The initial charge may take up to 3.5 hours. If you still have any issues with charging your Satisfyer device, please contact our customer service (service@satisfyer.com).

I lost my charging cable. What should I do?

The charging cables are universal across all of our rechargeable products. They can also be found separately on the Satisfyer website under ‘Sex Toy Essentials’.

What should I do when my Satisfyer does not start?

Please check whether the device is fully charged. If it is not fully charged, and is not actively charging while plugged in, press the bottom operating button for 5 seconds. If the device still does not work, please contact our customer service team (service@satisfyer.com

Where do I buy attachments?

You can find Satisfyer product extras under ‘Sex Toy Essentials’. 

Whether you've lost the charging cable for your Satisfyer device or want to exchange the tip on one of your Air Pulse devices, Satisfyer product extras are available under ‘Sex Toy Essentials’ on the website.

How and when should I clean my Satisfyer? 

We recommend that you clean your Satisfyer before and after each use to lengthen the product’s longevity and avoid bacterial infections.

Bacterial infections caused by sexual wellness devices can be avoided by cleaning your Satisfyer device regularly with some gentle soap and warm water. Furthermore we recommend the use of the Disinfectant Spray from Satisfyer - it is are ideally matched to our devices and will keep your Satisfyer fresh and clean. Information on cleaning the individual items can be found in the manual under ‘Manuals’ on our website.

 Customer Account

I forgot my password, how can I get a new one?

You have the option to set up a new password under the following link: https://www.satisfyer.com/account/password 

Can I change my customer data?

If you log in with your data, you can change it at any time. A subsequent login is not possible on guest orders.

How do I delete my customer account?

To delete your account and your data, simply send an e-mail to service@satisfyer.com. We will initiate the deletion right away.

How is my data processed?

We take privacy very seriously and respect yours. You can find all information about data protection here.


How can I view my previous orders?

Log in with your username and password to view your order history.

Why can't I complete my order?

Please delete cookies in your browser settings and try again. If you still have problems placing your order, please try a different or newer version of your browser.

Due to new security guidelines, our shop no longer supports the insecure SSL 3.0 protocol. SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.3 must be activated in your browser.

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact our customer service (service@satisfyer.com) to cancel your order.


Is the shipping discreet?

Discretion is guaranteed. The package arrives in a standard brown shipping box.

How is it delivered?

The delivery is made by our shipping service provider DHL.

How do I know when my order will be shipped?

As soon as your parcel is sent to our logistics partner for delivery, you will receive a separate confirmation with the delivery number for shipment tracking.

Can I specify a different delivery address? 

Yes, during the ordering process you will be asked if the delivery address is different from the billing address.

If an order has been placed but not yet shipped, please contact our customer service (service@satisfyer.com) and we will change the delivery address if still possible. 


Which payment methods are offered?

You can choose between the following payment methods: Amazon Pay, American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, and Visa.

How do I get my invoice? 

You will receive an invoice as a file attachment in a separate e-mail.

Once your order is placed, you will receive a separate email with the invoice attached. Please note that we do not enclose a copy of the invoice with the shipment.


How long is the guarantee?

We offer a fifteen-year guarantee on our Satisfyer models. 

If you did not purchase your Satisfyer directly from the website, please keep a copy of your receipt or invoice. To make a claim under our 15-year warranty, our customer service (service@satisfyer.com) will refund the product with proof of purchase.

Return Policy

Can I return the goods if they are still unopened?

Yes, please contact our customer service (returns@satisfyer.com) and you will receive further instructions how to return the item.

I opened the article, but I don't like it. What can I do?

Due to hygienic reasons, used or unsealed items cannot be returned or exchanged. 

We are sorry to hear that the delivered goods did not meet your expectations. However, we ask for your understanding as the return of used or unsealed hygiene articles is not possible. The right to return exists only when the package is unopened, and the hygiene seal is intact.

What should I do when I have received the wrong item?

This is a rare case, please contact our customer service (service@satisfyer.com) directly so that we can resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

I bought my Satisfyer somewhere else, can I exchange it through www.satisfyer.com?

We kindly ask you to return to the store/shop where you purchased the product and ask them for a replacement.

The original shop does not want to refund or exchange, what now? 

In this case, please contact our customer support directly (service@satisfyer.com). Important: Please have your invoice ready. Without proof of purchase, we are unable to perform a return.

What is the approx. time for delivery?

Delivery takes typically 2-8 business days based on the distance to your destination.


Which products are compatible with the Satisfyer Connect App?

All Bluetooth equipped Satisfyer products connect with our App. We have the broadest collection of App products, and are constantantly expanding our range, so please check https://www.satisfyer.com/satisfyer-connect-app for the latest in our App products range.

The App enabled product range covers Air Pulse Stimulators like the Curvy 1+, cock rings like the Mighty One, and couple vibrators like the Double Joy. Our expanding range features products for everyone.

Which phones are compatible with the Satisfyer Connect App?

iPhones running iOS 11 or newer, Android 6.0 or newer.

Does Satisfyer Connect work on iPad/tablet?

Yes, it does. You can use Satisfyer Connect on a variety of tablets and iPads running iOS11 or newer and Android 6.0 or newer.

Does Satisfyer Connect work on Apple Watch?

The Satisfyer Connect App works on Apple Watch series 4 and newer. 

Do I have to always use the connected Satisfyer devices with the App?

No, you can use the devices with or without the App. 

Hold the primary button for 2 seconds to start in offline mode and use the device as usual without any radio frequency transmissions. Start with a 4 second hold to turn on the Satisfyer in App mode and take advantage of the many additional functions offered by Satisfyer Connect App.

How does my mobile device connect to the Satisfyer?

All Satisfyer devices use industry leading Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (BLE) technology, when connecting between the mobile device and the Satisfyer device. 

Our devices are built with your privacy in mind, and implement strong bonding principles to ensure your Satisfyer is virtually undetectable to others after bonding with your mobile.

How do I pair my Satisfyer with the mobile App?

Start your Satisfyer device in Bluetooth mode by holding the primary button for 4 seconds and release when you feel the double haptic pulse. Go to the "My Satisfyers" screen in the Satisfyer Connect App and tap to connect.

How can I unpair my Satisfyer device?

Go to "My Satisfyers" and tap the arrow on the right side of the screen next to the Satisfyer Device you want to unpair. Click on "Forget device" to unpair the device. 

If using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), please also go to Bluetooth in your device Settings menu. Select the Satisfyer Device and select "Forget This Device" from the submenu. 

My Satisfyer is detected in the App but it does not successfully connect to the App - why?

Try removing your Satisfyer device in your phone's Bluetooth settings menu and do a factory reset of your Satisfyer device before trying to reconnect to the App. If you have continued issues please contact app.support@satisfyer.com.

How do I do a factory reset of my Satisfyer device?

Hold the factory reset button designated in your devices manual for 10 seconds, until you feel 3 haptic pulses in a row. Release the button. There should then be 5 quick pulses in a row to indicate a successful reset.

Why is my Satisyer not detected by the App?

Make sure you turn on your Satisfyer device in Bluetooth mode by holding the primary function button for 4 seconds. 

Please also make sure that your device is not paired with another phone or Apple Watch. If it was previously paired, you may need to unpair it before being able to connect it to another device.

How close does my mobile device need to be to my Satisfyer device? 

Your Satisfyer device uses industry leading Bluetooth technology to connect with your mobile device, and this should work best when you are within 10m (32ft).

However, actual performance will be dependent on what is in your surroundings, and if there is a direct line of sight between devices.

Why does my Satisfyer device turn off after 5 minutes if I have not used it?

For security reasons the device will go into power-saving mode if it sits idle for 5 minutes.

Once the device is turned on again, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds and release after 2 haptic feedbacks, then the device will be found by the app again. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

How can I pair my device with the Satisfyer Connect on another smartphone?

If you have previously paired your Satisfyer device with the Satisfyer Connect App on your smartphone and you want to pair it with the App on another smartphone, you have to unpair the device beforehand. To do this, please select "Forget device" in the App. Afterwards you can pair the Satisfyer with the App on a different smartphone.


What is Close Range?

Close Range is a function of Satisfyer Connect App which offers all functions that you can use to control your device when in close proximity, without needing an internet connection. 

Current Close Range functions include: Live Control, Single and Sequenced Program Play, Music Vibes (with Spotify integration), and Ambient Sound. These all can be used for solo or partner exploration but always in close physical proximity.

What kinds of programs are available in Program Play section of the App?

Preset programs are available and based on the Satisfyer devices you connect to the App.

You can always tap + on the program screen to create custom programs by recording a Live Control session, or using the On-screen Sketch function. Programs designed by other users are available in the Community section of the Satisfyer Connect App.

What is Remote Partner?

Remote Partner lets users with internet connection interact with other individuals via text chat, audio/video calls, and remote device control over the web.

Your safety is our top priority, so mutual consent is required for all Remote Partner functions. While users have to register for a free account to use these features, personal information does not need to be shared (e.g. no e-mail or phone number required). 

What is Community Share?

Satisfyer Connect's Community Share is a free cloud storage section of the App, which allows users to upload and share their custom programs with others. 

Users can even share their creations anonymously for others to enjoy. Of course, what goes around comes around, so users can also download programs that others have created. Programs are being added by our large global user base constantly, so the community share library is always growing, and there is always something totally new to experience! 

How can I play with my partner while using Satisfyer Connect?

You can either control your partner's device via the App while playing together, or control the device remotely via a net connection. 

If you are in different locations, you can use the App to make video or voice calls while using your device or controlling the device of your partner. Video and audio calls require mutual consent. 

How does the message/video call work?

In order to use the messaging and/or video telephony features of the Satisfyer Connect App, the App needs the permissions for camera, location, microphone and memory of the mobile device. 

These approvals can also be granted or removed later on from Satisfyer Connect App settings menu in your device's general settings menu.

How do I connect to Spotify?

Your Spotify Account can be connected to the Satisfyer Connect App as follows: Under Music Vibes click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Spotify as music source.  

Can two partners with different devices (ex. iPhone & Android) connect?

Yes, the Satisfyer Connect App supports cross platform connection between compatible Android and iOS devices.

Can I connect with a mobile device while my partner uses a computer to connect?

Satisfyer Connect is currently only available on smartphones, tablets and Apple Watches.

How can I connect with a remotely located partner over the App?

Once you are logged in, go to the Remote Partner section of the App and select "Partners" to search for your partner's exact username. When you get an exact match, you can invite them to connect.

If you have issues connecting with your partner, make sure that you both are registered and logged into your Satisfyer Connect account and have internet access on the device you are using to run Satisfyer Connect. 

How do I disconnect or delete a partner?

In case you need to disconnect from partner during a call, click on the red "End call" button.

If you want you remove a partner from your partner list, go to the user profile in the chat feature, and select "Remove".

Why can't I find my partner in the App?

There may be a few reasons why this could occur: You might be blocked by that user, or their account could be deleted or suspended.

What are the ways I can play with a remote partner during a video/audio call?

You have the following options: Give up control - give the control to your partner, Swap control - ask tp control your partner's Satisfyer, Sync option - control your device and the one of your partners.

Can I have a playing session with more than one user?

You can connect and use the App with multiple users, but each remote play session is one to one.

How many devices can I pair with the App at same time?

You can pair and control up to 4 Satisfyer devices at a time on the mobile and tablet versions of the App. Our Smart Watch App connects to one device at a time.

Can I share the programs I created in the App?

Yes, you can share your programs with other users via the Community Share function. 

You have two options to share your default programs: You can either upload the programs directly when you save & exit a Live Play session, or while in the Program Library hit the 'More' button below the program you want to share, and then select Share with Community.

Data Footprint & Safety

Can I use the App without submitting my personal data?

You can use the Close Range functions in Guest mode. The other sections require a free account, which you can register for without entering personal data. Just skip the optional recovery email and generate a PIN-code instead. 

How can I lock the Satisfyer App from other users of my phone or tablet?

The Satisfyer Connect App has an optional App lock feature that works with a PIN-code. You can engage this option immediately after registration, or activate it later in the Privacy menu in the App settings. 

When the App lock feature is engaged, anyone who wants to access the App will need to enter the correct PIN✓code to gain access. Once engaged, the code will have to be entered each time you start the App as well as after longer periods of disengagement.

What do I need to do if I forget the pin-code to access the Satisfyer Connect App?

If you forgot your PIN, you will need to delete and reinstall the Satisfyer Connect App.

Do I lose my custom programs after deleting the App?

If you have been using the App in guest mode you will lose all custom programs after reinstalling App. 

If you have a registered account, your programs will be stored on our cloud server, and will be availabe when you login again to the App after reinstalling it.

How can I block and unblock users?

You can use the Block & Report option on their profile page to block someone within the App. To unblock someone, go to the Blocked Contacts section in the Settings.

How can I change my language preference?

After installing the App it should automatically run in the same language that your mobile device's operating system is set to (if this language is one of the 31 languages we currently support). 

You can also change the App to any of the supported languages through our App's Settings screen - just select Language and choose from the list.

Can I change the email associated with my account if I misspelled it or if I just want to change it?

In case you have issues signing up or logging into your account, please contact us via our support email (app.support@satisfyer.com), and our friendly support team will find a solution to help create or renew your account.

Where can I find the privacy policy for the Satisfyer Connect App?

Our privacy policy is available here, and in the privacy section of our App's settings menus.

Where can I find the terms & conditions for the Satisfyer Connect App?

You can find our terms & conditions here.

Where can I find the end users licence agreement (eula) for the Satisfyer Connect App?

You can find our end users licence agreement for Satisfyer Connect here.

The App is not working as expected. Where can I get help?

If you encounter any problems with the Satisfyer Connect App, please contact our App Support Team at app.support@Satisfyer.com. Please let us know your current operating system version and which devices you are using.

Why must the location be activated (only for Android)?

This is a general requirement from Android, not Satisfyer. Whenever using Bluetooth technologies with Android devices, location services must be enabled for the smartphone to search for Bluetooth signals from Bluetooth enabled devices, such as the Satisfyer devices.