Satisfyer Tri Ball 1

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Experience a whole new level of pleasure with the Satisfyer Tri Ball 1, a versatile and...more
Product information "Satisfyer Tri Ball 1"

Experience a whole new level of pleasure with the Satisfyer Tri Ball 1, a versatile and powerful device designed to simultaneously stimulate multiple erogenous zones. Equipped with three motors and a flexible shaft, this multi-talented toy is sure to provide delightful sensations and enhance your pleasure exploration.

Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Vibration Stimulation of the clitoris, labia and perineum
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Strong-Motors 3 powerful motors generate deep vibrations throughout the entire toy
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Silicone Made from super-soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone that's smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic


15-year guarantee Simultaneous stimulation of 3 pleasure spots
50 vibration combinations Body-friendly silicone
Waterproof (IPX7) Whisper mode
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Magnetic USB charging cable included
Easy to clean


Satisfyer Tri Ball 1: The perfect triplet

Experience the ultimate trifecta of pleasure with the Satisfyer Tri Ball 1, a multi-vibrator designed to stimulate your outer erogenous zones with three voluminous balls. Crafted from smooth and skin-friendly silicone, this versatile toy provides simultaneous stimulation to the anus, vaginal entrance, and clitoris, delivering mind-blowing sensations. With its flexible internal wire, you can easily adjust the angle of the device and the position of the three balls to suit your personal anatomy. Each ball houses a powerful motor, resulting in tantalizing vibrations that will leave your hot spots trembling with pleasure. Explore a total of 50 vibration patterns, combining 10 programs with 5 intensity levels, all conveniently selectable via the three buttons on the Tri Ball 1's handle.

Hits all the right spots: Satisfyer Tri Ball 1

Experience the delightful combination of satisfying labia stimulation, along with the gentle massage of the anus and clitoris, even during your shower or bath, thanks to the waterproof (IPX7) feature of the Satisfyer Tri Ball 1. This not only allows for seamless cleaning using water and mild soap but also ensures uninterrupted pleasure in wet environments. Once your playtime comes to an end, conveniently recharge the integrated batteries of your multivibrator using the provided USB cable, ensuring your Tri Ball 1 is always ready for your next pleasurable adventure.


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Properties "Satisfyer Tri Ball 1"
Color: Black, Pink, Red
Height: 40 mm
Suitable for: Women
Breadth: 73 mm
Length: 222 mm
Weight: 167 g
With vibration: Yes
Stimulation: Vaginal
Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
Battery: Battery
Material: Polycarbonate, Silicone
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