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Satisfyer Pro 2 Satisfyer Pro 2
Our classic and stylish Pro 2 debuts our proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, meant to excite your clitoris into pure bliss. Featuring a whisper quiet motor and a soft silicone head, the Pro 2 sets the mood to reach the peak of your desire....
66.95€ *
Satisfyer Deluxe Satisfyer Deluxe
Our elegant Deluxe not only features a seductive design and intuitive operation; Its revolutionary Air-Pulse Technology truly spoils the ladies with contactless clitoral stimulation and fits snugly in your hand for easy access to endless...
66.95€ *
Satisfyer Penguin Satisfyer Penguin
Dressed to the nines in a classy tux the Penguin combines Satisfyer's revolutionary Air-Pulse Technology with a charming and playful design. Ergonomically shaped the Penguin is perfect for beginners and a wonderfully light travel...
66.95€ *
Satisfyer Double Whale Satisfyer Double Whale
The U-shaped Double Whale, made from body-friendly silicone, is worn during sex to lead you to a rousing shared climax. The vibrations are especially intense, and provide added sensations for those close moments of treasured intimacy....
33.95€ *
Satisfyer Double Plus Satisfyer Double Plus
With its 2 powerful motors, this flexible couples vibrator is an elegant addition to your lovemaking and pleasures both partners with powerful vibrations simultaneously. The double Plus will please you and your partner with unparalleled...
43.95€ *
Satisfyer Double Classic Satisfyer Double Classic
The Double Classic is the ideal companion for your first toy adventures together. The slim shaft is inserted vaginally, and enhances your lovemaking with added pressure on your G-spot, while the powerful vibrations pleasure your...
28.95€ *
Satisfyer Number One Satisfyer Number One
5 interchangeable attachments for the Number One Air-Pulse Stimulator. With long-term use of your favorite toys, the interchangeable head provides an occasional, hygienic change-up. Body-friendly silicone Easy to clean 15 year warranty...
9.95€ *
Satisfyer USB Charging Cable Satisfyer USB Charging Cable
Magnetic USB Charging Cable - Compatible with all Satisfyer rechargeable toys. The magnetic USB charging cable for Satisfyer vibrators: handy, practical, reliable Do you want to take your Satisfyer with you on your travels, or do you...
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Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot
Pro + G-Spot was elegantly developed to offer dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. The flexible vibrating shaft clings skillfully to curves and seeks your G-spot with a voluminous tip, while air-pulses edge you into ecstasy....
65.95€ *
Satisfyer Pro 1+ Satisfyer Pro 1+
The Pro 1+ combines our coveted, stimulating Air-Pulse Technology with sensual vibrations, gifting you an incomparable pleasure experience! Its ergonomic rounded body perfectly contours to treat your most intimate parts to unparalleled...
65.95€ *
Satisfyer Number One Satisfyer Number One
The Number One offers classic pressure waves in a beautiful rose gold design and provides contactless stimulation for the clitoris with 11 intensities. Thanks to the removable batteries your travels will never be the same! Stimulates the...
33.95€ *
Satisfyer Number Two Satisfyer Number Two
This elegant air-pulse stimulator is perfect for those longer trips. Number Two provides the clitoris with our classic contactless stimulation via pressure waves and its removable batteries make it an ideal travel companion for every...
33.95€ *
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