Cookie Policy

Last reviewed: September 2018

Which Cookies do we use and what are they good for?

We classify cookies into 3 different types.

Type 1* Mandatory Cookies
These Cookies are required in order for the shop system to operate properly (e.g. the cart, checkout)

Type 2 Functional-Cookies
These cookies add additional functions for your convenience. Typically to detect your location or device.

Type 3 Performance-Cookies
These Cookies collect information about the website usage. Typically for analytics and retargeting purposes.

The following cookies will be set by our shop when you visit our pages:

Cookie Name

Cookie Description

Cookie Type


Device detection

Type 1*


Stores your cart

Type 1*


CSRF attack protection

Type 1*


Shows information about cookie usage

Type 2


Displays the site according to your current location

Type 2


Google Tag Manager

Type 3


Google Audiences

Type 3


Google Analytics

Type 3


Google Analytics

Type 3

Cookies Type 1* are mandatory for using our shop. If you reject Type1* Cookies you may still be able to visit our pages, but you will not be able to make a purchase.