Satisfyer Double Ball-R

It's raining climaxes for everyone with Satisfyer Double Ball-R dildo. Two weighted balls create a vibrating sensation perfect for vaginal & anal stimulation.

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Treat yourself to extraordinary stimulation with the Satisfyer Double Ball-R: Featuring no... more
Product information "Satisfyer Double Ball-R"

Treat yourself to extraordinary stimulation with the Satisfyer Double Ball-R: Featuring no vibration, but two weighted balls that make this anal and vaginal dildo move – every little movement creates an incomparably exciting feeling, tantalizing your senses. For even more flexibility, the Double Ball-R is equipped with a wide suction cup that you can attach to all smooth surfaces.


Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Heavy-Core Vaginal or anal stimulation through weighted balls
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Safe-Use Suction cup base for comfortable usage
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_UnisexxWKNT7bdjokzT Unisex: device can be used by all genders


15-year guarantee Vaginal or anal stimulation through weighted balls
Suction cup base for comfortable usage Body-friendly silicone
Unisex: device can be used by all genders Partner use
Easy to clean


Satisfyer Double Ball-R: Versatile & caressingly soft silicon dildo

With the Satisfyer Double Ball-R, you'll have more even more than double the fun, as this dildo is incredibly versatile – without any vibration programs. Thanks to its broad base, you can easily use it as both an anal and vaginal dildo. With its soft surface made of skin-friendly silicone, it glides gently into you, while the slightly wavy surface structure provides an even more intense feeling.

What’s so special about the Satisfyer Double Ball-R?

Speaking of intense: What sets this love toy apart are the two weighted balls that move freely inside the Double Ball-R, providing indescribable sensations with every movement that can keep up with the vibrations of other toys. Unlike vibrators, the rhythm is completely random, depending on the position in which you use the Double Ball-R - so you surely won't get bored! In addition, you can choose to either insert the ball in the tip or both balls of this 7-inch silicone dildo, providing additional variation. And you can combine it with other love toys: why not hold your favorite vibrator against the Double Ball-R to boost the vibrations, or additionally stimulate your clitoris with an Air Pulse toy for an unforgettable experience - the possibilities are almost endless!

Satisfyer Double Ball-R: Also suitable as strap-on

Thanks to the base, which not only ensures safety but also serves as a suction cup, you can also attach the Satisfyer Double Ball-R to smooth, flat surfaces such as floor, leaving your hands free for additional stimulation during solo time. And this weighted dildo can also be used during partnered lovemaking: Thanks to the base, you can insert it into a harness and treat your partner to a sensation they’ll never forget. With a waterproof finish, the Double Ball-R loves to join you in the shower or in the bathtub. After its use, the dildo can be easily cleaned with water, mild soap and a little toy cleaner. Elevate your pleasure to new dimensions with this beautifully crafted sexual wellness device!


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Properties "Satisfyer Double Ball-R"
Length: 179 mm
Color: Dark Blue, Red
Suitable for: Couples, Men, Women
Weight: 224 g
Breadth: 38.4 mm
Height: 76 mm
Stimulation: Anal, Vaginal
Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
Material: ABS plastic, Polykarbonat, Silicone
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